41×21 Channel – BTB


HTST 021 Channels are core components of modular structures. It is available in varying height and a fixed width of 41 mm. This facilitates optimum design for various structural requirements.

Material Specification

Mild Steel

Surface Finish

Pre-Galvanised / Hot Dip Galvanised

Sheet Gauge

16 (1.6 mm) / 14 (2.0 mm) / 12 (2.5 mm)


Slotted / Plain*

Standard Length


Naming Nomenclature

CodeFull Form
(E.g. HTST12021-BSGP)
- HTST: Hi-Tech Channel
- 16/14/12: Sheet Gauge
- 021: Channel Size
- B: Back to back
- S: Slotted Channel
- GP: Pre-Galvanized
- HDG: Hot Dip Galvanized
*plain channels can also be manufactured and supplied on request

Technical Details

3D Dimension of 41x21 Channel - BTB
Technical Specifications161412
Area of Sectionmm2319.7392.1477.9
Moment of Inertia x-xmm4398374777756705
Moment of Inertia y-ymm411677293433111914
Sectional Modulus x-xmm3192923142746
Sectional Modulus y-ymm3565545255420
Maximum Allowable Moment MxN-mm243073291521345997
Maximum Allowable Moment MyN-mm712507570100682865
*Above mentioned values are for plain channels