Split Clamp


The HT series Split Clamp is used mainly for Plumbing pipes. These clamps clasp the pipe, thereby prevent lateral movement.

Material Specification

Mild Steel

Surface Finish


Naming Nomenclature

CodeFull Form
(E.g. HTS 10 X 90P)
- HTSHT Series Split Clamp
- 08/10/12NB of the Pipe
- PStandard (PVC)
- SSteel pipe

Technical Details

Model No.Pipe SizeClamp DiaWidthDrop Rod DiaFactored Load
HTS 08 X 22P½"152219M08180
HTS 08 X 26P¾"202619M08190
HTS 08 X 33P1”253319M08210
HTS 10 X 41P1¼"324119M10220
HTS 10 X 52P1½"405219M10225
HTS 10 X 63P2”506319M10230
HTS 10 X 76P2½”657619M10235
HTS 10 X 90P3”809019M10240
HTS 10 X 110P4”10011019M10250
HTS 12 X 161P6”15016119M12255
HTS 12 X 201P8”20020119M12265

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