Saddle Clamp


The Saddle Clamp is a rigid support recommended for stationary pipelines in horizontal and vertical position. It is mainly used to mate pipes to a channel or concrete bases. This clamp is used for rigid applications which facilitate no movement of pipe in any direction.

Material Specification

Mild Steel

Surface Finish

Pre-Galvanised, Electro-Galvanised, Hot Dip Galvanised

Naming Nomenclature

CodeFull Form
(E.g. HTC 50 SR)
– HTCHi-Tech Saddle Clamp
– 20 to 200NB of the Pipe
– SStandard
– RRubber Installation

Technical Details

Model No.Pipe SizeClamp DiaHoleWidthLimb
HTC 020 SR3/4"202612.53940
HTC 025 SR1"253312.53940
HTC 032 SR1¼"324212.53940
HTC 040 SR1½"405012.53940
HTC 050 SR2½"507712.53940
HTC 065 SR2½"657712.53940
HTC 080 SR3"809112.53940
HTC 100 SR4"10011612.53940
HTC 150 SR6"15016812.53940
HTC 200 SR8"20022412.53940

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