Clevis Hanger


The Clevis Hanger is recommended to support industrial & Infrastructure piping system. The elevation of pipe can be altered by adjusting the lower nut provided on hanger rod & while top nut prevents the loosening due to vibration. Clevis bottom pivots to allow movement of pipe in the lateral direction.

Material Specification

Mild Steel

Surface Finish

Pre-Galvanized / Electro-Galvanized / Hot Dip Galvanised

Naming Nomenclature

CodeFull Form
(E.g. HTHD 10 X 25 S)
– HTHDHi-Tech Clevis Hanger HT Series
– 10/12Drop Rod Diameter
– 25 to 200NB of the Pipe
– SStandard
*Clamps with Rubber are available on request

Technical Details

Model No.Pipe NBClamp DiaMaterial WidthTop HoleFactored Load
HTHD 10 X 025 S1"25331910.5230
HTHD 10 X 032 S1¼"32411910.5240
HTHD 10 X 040 S1½"40491910.5250
HTHD 10 X 050 S2"50631910.5270
HTHD 12 X 065 S2½"65762412.5280
HTHD 12 X 080 S3"80902412.5290
HTHD 12 X 100 S4"1001162412.5300
HTHD 12 X 125 S5"1251412412.5310
HTHD 12 X 150 S6"1501682412.5320
HTHD 12 X 200 S8"2002243912.5350

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